Forming part of Education City's vast online learning product, Thinkits are colourful still screens, designed to be shown on an interactive whiteboard in front of a classroom. Each one poses a question or puzzle, to get the class talking and working together.

Education City


Activities and learnscreens contain animated tutorials, with separate slides, often with a fun narrative underpinning the content.

Worksheets are a printable content type to support the online activities, which can be marked by the teacher to track pupils' progress.  Whilst working on all these projects, a key priority was deciding how best to present information using the limited space available, in a clear, logical and effective way, whilst also keeping them entertaining and fun.

Infographics and an interactive map, providing information about the negative impacts of worldwide factory farming.

Compassion in

World Farming


Waitrose Newsletter 


One of my roles while working

at Waitrose was to create the monthly newsletter. This involved arranging articles, illustrating, and designing puzzles.

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