Martin brings an individual and innovative flair to all his design work. He always finds a way to bring the content to life, and I particularly like the small details that he adds to his work to give it an edge. During our discussions, he is open to my suggestions and thoughts, and will then invariably build on them to make them more interesting and really nail the visuals for the script he is working with.


The GAL project management game was a tough ask, and something new for all the team. Martin was keen from the outset to get his teeth into the project, and brought many ideas to the table. Thanks to his excellent design and interpretation of the script, I felt like the characters he created became real additions to our team! Again, the quality of Martin’s design and his addition of those little details resulted in a high quality and engaging product.

Alison Betts

Lead Instructional Designer at EY


In my experience I find Martin a team player and a solid, reliable pair of hands. This particular trait is extremely valuable when working within teams and when faced with fast-paced tasks. Martin always checks his understanding of what is asked of him, that way making sure that he can produce work that everyone, including himself, will be happy with. Furthermore, I find Martin one of the most creative people within the team. His work is always received with enthusiasm and approval of peers and senior colleagues. This is also reflective of the high quality work he produces time and time again. I value Martin for the contribution he makes to the overall success of his colleagues and how professional he is at all times.

Mary Glowacka

Project Manager at EY


Martin has a very good grasp of the EducationCity style, and I am excited to see what else he produces this year in the way of activities and learnscreens. Most notably, Buzzy Bees (good characterisation and interesting and funny theme), Blanket Coverage (very nice interface and design) and Pen Pals (nice character interaction) have been stand-out projects for him. His injection of subtle humour has been very refreshing to the product.


Matt Plant

Creative Director at EducationCity


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